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How Getting Rated on Yelp! Can Get You Business

Yelp Header

Do you know what Yelp! is? Are you on it? What about your practice?

One thing is certain… as social networking websites become mainstream for businesses and individuals alike, the requirement to have a comprehensive online presence is essential. Yelp! is a place where people rate local businesses. Everything from restaurants to telecommunication companies to veterinary practices¬†is fair game for the rating masses. And any Joe Blow can post a review.


Yelp! is available in cities across the U.S. and tens of millions of people visit it each month. They have a Business Owner’s Guide with a wealth of information about how to share information with your customers, track how many people view your practice’s page and even announce special offers and promotions.


Utilizing these tools can help promote your practice organically… by internet “word of mouth”. Keep tabs on what others are saying about your business, incentivize your current clients to submit reviews on Yelp! and referrals & regulars might warm up your clinic this winter.